NASA solve the mystery of Missing Fuel in oldest Mars Orbiter

The MARS Odyssey has been orbiting the Red Planet for over 2 decades.

It has already traveled the distance equivalent to 1.37 billion miles (2.21 billion kms) in space.

Odyssey doesn't have a fuel gauge, which makes difficult for mission controllers to determine the quantity of left fuel in the tank.

Estimation done in summer 2021, 11 pounds of fuel was left. The same was estimated 6 pounds in January 2022.

For almost two years, scientists had been exploring chances to solve the issue of low fuel in Odyssey. 

After studying the inner workings of Odyssey, Yendler pinpointed the cause behind the disappearing fuel.

“Our method of measurement was fine. The problem was that the fluid dynamics occurring on board Odyssey are more complicated than we thought,” NASA

The team re-calculated that how much fuel is left and found that it has sufficient fuel to run until 2025.

So, finally the mystery that has been revolving around since years is finally solved.


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