Scientists found Mars is not entirely Red Planet

Since our school days we refer mars as a Red Planet.

Latest study has indicated that the red planet is not completely red.

NASA's Mars rover Perseverance has discovered rocks on Mars that are Green in colors.

The greenish igneous rocks were spotted in Jezero, a 28-mile (45 km) wide crater that is considered home to an ancient lake on Mars.

Scientists were startled to find that the ground was not made up only of sedimentary rocks that had accumulated during the crater’s time as a lake

The finding is one of many that came from analysis of early data sent back to Earth from Perseverance, the Nasa Mars rover that arrived on the planet in 2020.

There are similar rocks can be found on Earth, but they are generally blasted by billions of years of wind, water and the rest of their busy lives on Earth

On Mars, however, they are kept pristine by the vastly different environment.

Those rocks could therefore help tell us about the history of life on Earth – as well as aliens may once have lived on Mars.


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