NASA loaded its mega moon rocket with propellant on 20th June, marking a first for the agency

Hundreds of thousands of gallons of super-cold liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen were loaded into the rocket, as the NASA prepares for an uncrewed mission to the moon.

NASA also practiced its countdown procedures, including the final 10 minutes prior to liftoff where the rocket’s flight software automatically controls countdown

The engines were never going to ignite 20th June as part of this pre-launch test.

The agency did run into a few issues, including a hydrogen leak, and halted its countdown practice at 29 seconds before “liftoff” rather than the planned 9 seconds

NASA seemed pleased with the test on Monday.

This was NASA’s fourth attempt at loading its Space Launch System rocket with propellant.

The test, called a wet dress rehearsal because fuel is pumped onboard the rocket, is one of the last tests required before NASA’s Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft can launch on the Artemis I mission.

This uncrewed mission will send the Orion capsule around the moon. It would be followed by a crewed trip around the moon, Artemis II, and then landing the first woman and person of color on the moon with Artemis III.


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