Curiosity rover has discovered ancient rocks formed by water on Mars

NASA's curiosity rover landed on the Mars surface in the August 2021.

Ever since the rover has landed on the Mars, it has found many things that made everyone believed that there was a time when water flowed on the Mars Surface.

Recently, while exploring the Mount Sharp at Gale Center region of Mars, curiosity has captured the images of flaky and streambed rocks.

Ancient streambed rocks discovered on Mars. Image source: NASA

NASA scientists believe that these rocks might be formed by the ancient streambed or small pond of water on the mars surface. 

It is notable that the NASA's curiosity rover has been working hard since many years to find the evidence of water on the mars.

NASA plans to drill down into the rock around the area for a detailed in-depth look at the mineral composition of Mars.

Space Agency believes that Something catastrophic may caused all the water on Mars to dry up, and the land to become the sandy wasteland we see currently.


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