A video shows the compilation of astronauts struggling hard to walk on the rough and bumpy surface of the Moon

Moon's gravity is much lower than the Earth's. Due to this, a normal walk or run is not possible on Moon.

Astronauts who have been to the Moon struggle hard to walk on the rough and uneven surface.

One such video shows the compilation of various astronauts and their funny moments, also called bloopers.

Twitter user shared this video on their handle with the caption, "Bloopers from NASA showing astronauts losing their footing while walking on the moon."

The video shows that NASA astronauts are losing their balance while sporting the space suits on the Moon's surface.

The astronauts struggle to walk on the lunar surface due to low gravity, the reason they trip, fall, bump on the ground, and bounce back on their feet

 The last lunar landing took place in 1972. The astronauts analysed the lunar surface as part of the Apollo 17 mission.

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