A Massive Solar Flare Can Affect Everyone’s Electricity, Phones Even the Internet

Solar flares, which are quite massive explosions of radiation from the Sun's surface released rushing into space at tremendous speeds, present a threat from the Sun

We're mostly unaffected by the Sun's rays due to the Geomagnetic field and atmosphere, that act as a protective barrier from them regularly

 A NASA view of a long-duration solar flare on June 13, 2022

The Sun is necessary for the life of plants and humans on Earth.

But, This massive energy source has the potential to destroy all forms of technology on the planet, including the world's greatest communication system.

A powerful solar flare might cause a large geomagnetic storm, which can damage the Online services, mobiles, satellites, electrical grids, and other electronic devices.

Not only may power, Internet, and GPS systems be disrupted, but they can also impair daily communication. Everything is affected, including phone calls and Internet access.

And it could be down for months because repairing the destroyed and damaged infrastructure will require a lot of time.


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