James Webb Telescope becomes more Powerful with X-Ray Vision 

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope have been capturing amazing shots from the space and outer universe.

Now, the James Webb Space Telescope has joined with Chandra X-Ray Observatory to enhance the images it captures.

James Webb uses four scientific instruments to peer into our cosmic history, they measure a range of red and infrared light.

Where as, Chandra uses X-ray emissions, that is higher-energy forms of light than of James Webb's.

"Detecting such a clear signal of carbon dioxide on WASP-39 b bodes well for the detection of atmospheres on smaller, terrestrial-sized planets," Natalie Batalha, an astronomer from NASA.

X-rays are emitted from very hot parts of the universe, “such as exploded stars, clusters of galaxies, and matter around black holes."

Chandra contains components like a microshutter array that can capture light signatures of 100 objects at the same time.

Chandra also has four mirrors and two detectors, which focus and measure X-ray emissions that would otherwise go unseen by the Webb.

James Webb along with Chandra would definitely bring revolution in the Space Study and future programs.


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