iPhone 14's Crash Detection Feature checked by crashing the actual sedan

Apple introduced a new feature in iPhone 14 series called 'Crash Detection'.

The Crash Detection Feature is to help iPhone user during emergency like car accidents

When the iPhone detects car crash, it sends notification to emergency contact and also help connect you to emergency services.

Recently, a YouTuber decided to test this feature in real with his iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The YouTuber strapped the iPhone to the headrest of the passenger seat of a 2005 Mercury Marquis Sedan 

The car was controlled by a remote controller and then crashed into the pile of old and wrecked vehicles.

The iPhone 14's Crash Detection test result surprised the YouTuber as for around 10 seconds there was no sign of result from the iPhone.

However, after 10 seconds, notification popped up on the screen saying "It looks like you've been in a crash"

After that the YouTuber again tested this feature, and he got the desired result, and iPhone was ready to initiate an emergency call

This whole feature testing was done by the YouTube channel named TechRax


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