The International Space Station (ISS) has successfully evaded orbital debris coming from a Russian anti-satellite weapons test

On 16th June, the ISS conducted an avoidance manoeuvre to put extra distance between itself and a fragment of Russian space debris.

The debris came from the 2021 Russian anti-satellite weapons test which destroyed a Soviet-era Cosmos 1408 satellite, adding over 1,500 pieces of space debris.

‘The crew was never in any danger and the maneuver had no impact on station operations,’ said Nasa

Russia’s 2021 test that created significant amounts of debris in space was criticised by the UK and the US as ‘irresponsible’.

Last year, space junk travelling 17,500mph punched through the robotic arm attached to the International Space Station.

Last year, the UK Government awarded seven private companies £1 million to help track space junk as part of its space surveillance and tracking (SST) programme.

The UK will also play a critical role in building The Claw, which will be the first–ever satellite to remove space junk.


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