Humans produces record amount of oxygen on MARS!

NASA's Perseverance Rover have been exploring the red planet MARS.

The Perseverance Rover is having a small box that is there for an exceptional job.

That small box is called MOXIE - The Mars Oxygen In Situ Resource Utilization Experiment.

MOXIE produces oxygen on the surface of MARS.

It takes the Carbon Dioxide from the MARS, use some electricity, and releases Oxygen along with Carbon Monoxide.

In August 2022, MOXIE produced 10.44 grams of oxygen per hour, and on November 28 it produced 10.56 grams per hour of oxygen.

The device is currently working at a small scale, it is scalable to work on bigger level.

Producing oxygen on MARS is a great achievement of NASA, that can lead to bigger success.

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