How To See The First Message Of WhatsApp Chat Without Scrolling?

WhahtsApp is in our lives since last many years. With many contacts, we have been chatting every day for many years.. 

If you want to go to the first message of such WhatsApp Chats.

Would you scroll till the first message? Is it fessible option?

There are a few tricks that let you see the Frist Message of such long WhatsApp Chat without scrolling.

Export Message Feature

WhatsApp's Export Message Feature can be used to reach the first message of WhatsApp Chat without scrolling. Check out the detailed steps below.

Media Section

You can use WhatsApp Media Section to reach to the First Message of Long WhatsApp Chats without Scrolling. Check the detailed steps below.

Auto Scrolling Apps

There are a few third-party apps available in the market to reach to the first message of long WhatsApp Chats without scrolling. See the details below.

These are the best ways to Reach to the First Message of WhatsApp Chats without Scrolling.