Horrific destruction Sun can do on humanity; Earth-killer Solar Storm

Solar storms occur due to a coronal mass ejection (CME) that is set off on the surface of the Sun.

This ejection sends solar flares hurtling towards Earth.

According to NASA, a geomagnetic storm is a major disturbance of Earth's magnetosphere.

That occurs when there is a strong exchange of energy from the solar wind in the space above Earth.

When a solar flare hits the Earth, the radio communications and the power grids are affected when it hits the Earth's magnetic field

Solar Storms can also cause a change in migration patterns of birds, whales and even bees.

The magnetic field interacts with the solar flares to stop solar flares while Earth's atmosphere acts as a insulator and absorbs most of the solar particles

We live on a planet with a very thick atmosphere that stops all of the harmful radiation that is produced in a solar flare

It seems that you need not worry about searching for another planet to live on any time soon, and your time on this planet won't be cut short at least by a solar storm


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