Harvard Astronomer strongly believes This Asteroid Is an Alien Ship

Five years back, Canadian astronomer Robert Weryk discovered a Shiny, reddish in color, oblong object.

The length of the object was somewhere between 300 to 3000 feet.

Astronomers were baffled by this object, which they named “`Oumuamua.” That’s Hawaiian for “scout.”

Based on the Oumumua’s speed, course and shape, Avi Loeb, a Harvard physicist, strongly said that these were the possible signs it’s an alien craft

“The possibility of an artificial origin for `Oumuamua must be considered,” Loeb wrote in a hallmark 2021 study.

Loeb is the only person who is supporting this possibility with the strongest stands

Loeb has his own theory: Maybe `Oumuamua was damaged. The reflective thing “may not be a sail at all, but just a surface layer torn apart from a bigger object.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough data to say for sure what `Oumuamua is.


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