Hackers utilizing AI to spread malware on YouTube

Artificial Intelligence has proved its importance in futuristic tech revolutions.

Along with the positive impacts, fraudsters and hackers are using it to cause trouble to normal people.

Recently, it has been found that hackers are using AI to spread malware on YouTube.

 The research firm CloudSEK has observed a 200% to 300% increase in the number of videos on YouTube that include links to malwares

This includes popular malware sources such as Vidar, RedLine, and Raccoon. Links are added in the description.

These videos are generally seen as tutorials to download cracked versions of paid softwares.

These videos are generated using AI tools platform where users can create videos that feature humans with universally familiar and trustworthy features.

They are hacking YouTube accounts and posting videos from these accounts to get clicks from the real followers before the real owner gets their accounts back.

Fake comments and shortened bit.ly and cutt.ly links to videos makes them appear more valid.


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