The Mystery of GTA: San Andreas' Forgotten Grove Street Participants

B Dup and Big Bear are GTA: San Andreas' few of the most inconsequential gang members.

Compared to other gang members such as CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke, and Ryder, the other two members role is extremely small.

There's a strong evidence that Big Bear and B Dup's roles were originally intended to do much more. 

One major reason to believe that B Dup and Big Bear were supposed to be bigger is their voice actors.

B Dup is voiced by The Game, a famous rapper, and Big Bear is voiced by Los Angeles radio host Big Boy

It is seemingly visible that  Rock star have bought two high profile voice for these two characters.

The game's files reveal unused models for Big Bear, in addition to a set of voice lines for him that do not appear anywhere in the game.

This information puts forth a strong case for at least Big Bear being originally intended for a much bigger role, especially since there is at least one known cut mission involving him.

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