Government bans sale of Apple iPhone without charger

Apple iPhones have their own fan following who love each and every products of the Apple.

Earlier iPhone used to provide mobile charger along with the new iPhone.

Passwords will be past after Apple's iOS 16.

In 2020, Apple eliminated the charger from the box of the new iPhone, forcing users to buy it seperately.

This move of the Apple was opposed by the people worldwide, following these many companies started this malpractice.

Finally the government came to oppose this wrong practice of Apple, and took a decision to stop the local sale of Apple iPhones without charger.

This stand is taken by the Brazilian government, also ordered Apple to pay a fine of R$12,275,500 (about $2.3 million USD) and canceled the iPhone 12’s registration with Anatel.

Apple responded that the decision of eliminating chargers was due to an "environmental commitment"

The authorities dismissed Apple's argument, claiming that there was no evidence suggesting that selling smartphones without a charger would protect the environment.

That is very unfortunate for Apple, as the government order came a day before Apple's iPhone 14 launch event.


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