Google Pixel Tablet: Everything you need to know

Google's Pixel Tablet is finally on the way almost a decade after the firm launched the Nexus 7.

Google is yet to declare the exact date,  but it is expected to launch the Google Pixel Tablet in 2023.

The tab might be launched along with the Android 14 / Pixel 8, or even earlier.

Along with the Google Pixel Tablet, there's a rumor that a Pro version of it will also be launcehd.

During the I/O keynote, the Google Pixel Tablet was referred as a premium category device.

Google is yet to declare the further info, but it is expected to be a bit lesser in price than iPad Pro or Galaxy Tab 8.

Tensor G2 Chip, Quad Speakers are expected specs of Google Pixel Tablet.

POGO pin connector for speaker dock, USB-C, and Dual 8Mp cameras are also likely to be the probable features.

Let's wait for the official confirmation and details on Google Pixel Tablet.


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