Google's Benefit Offering to Employees Affected by Roe v Wade Decision

On 24th June, the US supreme court overturned the 'Roe v Wade' and made abortion illegal.

“This is a profound change for the country that deeply effects so many of us, especially women,” wrote Google Chief People officer Fiona Cicconi in an email to Googlers

To help the employees, Google will allow employees to apply relocation without any explanation.

“Googlers can also apply for relocation without justification, and those overseeing this process will be aware of the situation.” - Chief People Officer at Google

Company said that Google's US benefits and health insurance plan for full-time employees already covers out-of-state medical procedures

The company has now added travel benefits to it to help employees travel for out-of-state medical treatment.

Tech companies feared of 'Brain Drain', as people may plan relocating to other states, and hence they are offering various benefits to employees.


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