Future Phones Could Be as Easy to Build and Upgrade as LEGOs

If you’ve ever wanted to upgrade the hardware for your phone or smartwatch without having to throw it out with every new product rollout ,the future is right around the corner.

Engineers at MIT have made a wireless, reconfigurable chip that one day could easily be snapped onto your existing devices like a LEGO brick.

The chip contains layers of sensing and processing elements—including its own neural network—that can be programmed to do whatever you want,

Along with the flexibility to customize and upgrade an old device, the chip may also help reduce electronic waste

The electronic waste is estimated at 50 million tons a year worldwide.

Tiny chip transfers data wirelessly through light. Sensors, photodetectors, and LEDs sitting on top of the chip send information through light signals to the chip above it.

Min-Kyu Song, an electrical engineer at MIT, are hoping they could integrate their chip with a “smart skin” their team previously developed to monitor vital signs.

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