Food delivery by driver-less vehicles in a few days

Uber has recently signed a deal with Nuro to bring change in the Food Delivery method.

Image Credit - The Guardian

Based on this 10-year partnership with Nuro, Uber will use its autonomous, electric vehicles to deliver food orders in the US.

Image Credit - Veritasium

In the first phase, Uber will initiate this service in Houston, Texas and Mountain View, California.

Image Credit - Noble Dame

According to reports, customers won't have any idea who's delivering their food, whether a Nuro bot or a delivery person.

Image Credit - sepiringpadang

Although, customers will likely to have an option to get their pre-paid tip refunded if Nuro vehicle delivers the food instead of delivery person.

Image Credit -Uber/Nuro

This service may not liked by all the customers, especially in the rain, as they will have to come outside the home to take the order.

Image Credit dscvrtwins

From the video shared by the compnay, customers will have to key in a code to open the vehicle door and get their order.

Image Credit Hospitality Technology

Nuro vehicles are already delivering in Houston since last 3 years for the companies like Walmart.

Image Credit H Business Insider


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