First Cellular (LTE/4G) Network on the Moon

Nokia is working with NASA to build the first LTE/4G network on the Moon.

They are doing this in order to demonstrate how advanced cellular technologies can be used for critical communications in future planetary exploration.

The uncrewed, robotic mission is scheduled for 2023.

Nokia’s LTE/4G network will be integrated into an Intuitive Machines Nova-C lander and a Lunar Outpost MAPP rover.

That will touch down near the Shackleton Connecting Ridge at the lunar south pole.

Once deployed,  the LTE network will provide the critical wireless communication link between the lander and the rover.

It will allow mission operators to pilot and command the rover remotely.

While streaming real-time video and critical telemetry information back to Mission Control on Earth via a direct-to-earth link from the Nova-C lander

The mission will show that cellular technologies can meet the critical communications needs for future space missions.

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