Elon Musk's Startegy Helped CEOs Increase Their Pay Scale Immensely

In 2018. Tesla offered CEO Elon Musk a multi-billion dollar pay package.

That pay package included healthy stock grant based on the company's performance.

Tesla's blasting performance helped Elon becoming the world's richest person having $60billion worth Tesla Shares.

This pay structure got an attention of everyone, and many companies have started planning their CEOs' pay structure based on this method.

A latest survey conducted by the compensation consulting firm showed that many highest-paid CEOs got their package based on the Elon Musk's startegy.

Such heavy packages were just a dream a few years back, but the Elon Musk's strategy changed everything

This has become one of the best ways for companies to compensate their chief executives fairly.

The practice inspired from Elon Musk and Tesla has widened the gap between the workers and executives wages.


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