Efforts to surf Venus’ hot, thick atmosphere by EnVision Spacecraft

The scientists from the planet earth have so much bias towards the red neighbor - Mars - that another neighbor planet has not got enough attention.

Scientists have finally shown some interest in the Venus with the space mission to surf the neighbor planet's atmosphere.

The mission of the European Space Agency is planned to take high-resolution optical, spectral, and radar photographs of the Venus' surface.

The mission is still in the concept and design phase that will definitely unpack the Venus in the future.

The ESA is planning that in this new mission to Venus, its EnVision probe could conduct detailed science that has never been possible before.

However, to reach the Venutian surface, the spacecraft will have to survive aerobraking in the thick, hot, dense atmosphere of the planet

Aerobraking is a process of lowering the spacecraft's orbit with thousands of passages through the planet’s atmosphere for up to two years.

Venus is not easy to nail and aerobraking around the planet will be much more challenging compared to Mars since the planet is about 10 times higher than that of Mars.

Hence, Massive research is under process to test the material candidates that could survive this dangerous aerobraking process before the spacecraft begins holistic observations of Venus