Disable YouTube Shorts Permanently To Avoid Addiction

YouTube Shorts is one of the highest consuming content across the globe.

Despite of all the fun and knowledge it provides, it is very addictive.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way you can stop YouTube Shorts from your YouTube feed. However, we have mentioned workarounds here.

You can disable YouTube Shorts from the YouTube Settings. This option may not available for all YouTube users.

YouTube App Settings Trick

Mark all YouTube Shorts in your feed as "Not Interested". This will tell YouTube Algo that you are not interested in Shorts.

Not Interested Option

Downgrade the YouTube App, as in earlier versions, YouTube Shorts were not available.

Downgrade the App

There are various third-party YouTube Mod apps that you can use to disable YouTube Shorts permanently.

Third-Party Apps

You can try uninstalling the latest updates of YouTube Apps to get YouTube App without YouTube Shorts.

Uninstall the Latest Updates

Refer this detailed Guide To Disable YouTube Shorts Permanently


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