ChatGPT can now control Robots thanks to Microsoft

OpenAI's revolutionary Chatbot, ChatGPT, has impacted the digital world explosively.

The platform has proved its capacity by clearing many exams and interviews globally .

Tech giant Microsoft has come up with an amazing solution having ChatGPT API has one of the base tech stacks.

In a revolutionary step, Microsoft has developed the API that can control robots.

The API allows ChatGPT to control Robots with Natural language Processing.

The Microsoft ChatGPT API has ability to create more advanced and intelligent robots.

Even the people who are not advanced to understand programming and robotics can use this API.

Techies across the world believes that Microsoft ChatGPT API is just the beginning of the new era in robotics.

With a simple set of commands, anyone can instruct robots to do the particular task.

There are many more inventions to come in the market with ChatGPT as a base. It will be really exciting to see.


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