Astronauts will not be able to visit Space for this reason

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson recently concerned that astronauts could not return to space due to space debris.

More than 20,000 satellites are scheduled to be launch over the next 20 years.

That will cause the major problem related to space debris.

At this moment also, millions  of pieces of space debris are currently in the space causing a lot of trouble to latest sattelites.

As per NASA - "Space is the new Wild West, we have to be the sheriff of it"

Most spacecraft sent into space are not de-orbited properly, which results in their debris ending up in orbit around the Earth at a speed of more than 8km/s.

If its debris became too numerous, a chain reaction could occur, making it impossible to exit the atmosphere.

They are chosen only because they are a very good target practice for that.

NASA along with other Space Agencies are working on removing Space debris.


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