Astronaut who was sexually harassed and assaulted in Space

This is the story of inappropriate behavior and attack on Canadian female space analyst away from the earth.

The incident happened during the space journey in December 1999.

The Canadian space researcher Judith Lapierre was the only female out of 8 space travelers on a Russian Space Mission.

After a few days in Space, Russian Commander asked for an experiment where Judith would be treated as Sexual object of the other crew members.

He also grabbed and kissed Dr Lapierre despite of her multiple request to stop.

Where as Russian Scientists denied it to consider a Sexual Harassment.

Dr. Lapierre concealed the chamber's kitchen knives on account of the stress that another rough battle could happen

Russian meidia blamed theh lady astronaut  misrepresented her as depressed.

And since then, Lapierre's time in the space sector became an uphill battle because she spoke out.

A 2022 report commissioned by the NSF showed that out of the 290 female respondents, 72 percent and 47 percent agreed of sexual harassment and sexual assault.


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