Artificial Material Developed to Reduce Glacial Ice Melt in Mountain Areas: New Study

Artificial material called "nanofiber material" has been found to slow down glacier melting, according to a new study.

For years, scientists have raised concern regarding the potential catastrophic environmental consequences should all glaciers melt, or at least some of the massive ones.

The researchers found the areas covered with artificial material decreased glacial melting by around 29% to 56%.

The research team found that nanofiber material has an efficiency rate of 56% higher than geotextiles during the experiment

The scientists found that the efficiency of both nanofiber and geotextiles material are at most beneficial in high-mountain areas.

The experimentation was conducted between June 24 and August 28 in 2021.

The experiment was observed using a variety of tools, including the combination of two high-resolution models from laser scanning and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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