Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help find life on MARS

Scientists have been exploring the feasibility of life on the earth's neighbor planet MARS.

Latest Technology - Artificial Intelligence (AI)) - can help scientists in that process.

Particularly, AI may help scientists find the exact place to look for  while finding life on MARS.

A team of astrologists have developed an AI Model and checked its ability.

They look out for sparse life hidden away in salt domes, rocks and crystals at Salar de Pajonales at the boundary of the Chilean Atacama Desert and Altiplano

It is one of the driest places on the planet earth, resembling the features of a Martian Surface.

Pajonales is a high altitude (3,541 m), high U/V, hyperarid, dry salt lakebed, considered inhospitable to many life forms but still habitable.

AI model helped scientists locate and detect biosignatures -- any feature which provides evidence of past or present life -- up to 87.5 per cent of the time.

This way, AI can help humans finding the life out of the planet earth. It would be really exciting to watch the future.


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