Apple Watch Saved Teen's Life after a Serious Accident

In this incident, cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 7 turned out to be  a life-saver for a teen.

Smit Mehta, 17 yer-old teen, from Maharashtra went hiking with his friends near Lonavala on 11th July 2022.

Due to rainy season, he slipped 130–150 feet into a deep gorge.

Due to heavy rain, his friends could not spot him, and he did not had his phone with him.

Smit realised that he was wearing his cellular Apple Watch Series 7 which had a Jio connection

He then called his parents and friends to inform his exact location to send emergency help.

Teen was taken to the hospital and discharged on August 7th.

He sent a mail to Apple CEO Tim cook, and surprisingly Tim replied back wishing him a speedy recovery. 


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