Apple may get rid of passwords completely after September 7

iPhone fans are eagerly waiting for 7th September for the launch of latest iPhone 14.

Along with iPhone 14, Apple is also expected to launch iOS 16.

Passwords will be past after Apple's iOS 16.

The latest OS will introduce "passkeys", a latest biometric sign-in that will completely remove passwords.

The passkeys system is considered as a safe and secure alternative to passwords.

Apple in its keynote during the WWDC noted that passkeys will completely eliminate the need for passwords and will be less susceptible to getting stolen.

Passkeys are stored on the device and never exposed to the web server, making the possibilities of getting hacked minimal.

Passkeys will eliminate the need to enter passwords for different websites.

As per the company, the macOS Ventura, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will be among the first operating systems to get the passkeys system.


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