Apple fans may have to wait too much for Apple 14, Unavoidable tension

Apple is expecting to launch its much awaited iPhone 14 on the September 13th, 2022.

But the latest leaks from the Apple hints otherwise. Fans may have to wait a longer for iPhone 14.

The launch is likely to be delayed due to growing tension between China and Taiwan

The chip maker TSMC is the largest supplier of the chips required for Apple's iPhone.

China is the largest manufacturing and assembling hub for the iPhone.

Amid the ongoing tensions between the China and Taiwan, Chinese Communist Party has come up with some regulations

They have prohibited any shipments that has written 'Taiwan' or 'Republic of China' on it.

This may return some or all hardware back to Taiwan, delaying the production of iPhone 14.

Apple is already in touch with the Taiwanese Partners to remove or replace the labellings.

Apple may even start its manufacturing parallely in the factories in India, according to recent reports.

Amid all these chaos, Apple fans need to be ready to wait more for the latest iPhone 14