US schools are deploying a new AI-based technology to prevent more shooting

Over the past decade, 180 school shooting incidents have been reported in the US. These have claimed 114 lives and left 242 persons injured.

On average, a US school has about 526 students, so keeping track of students and the school staff is essential for their security.

At present, schools across the US are not completely safe despite having tens of security cameras and an efficient security team

Many schools are installing Evolv Technology’s (EVLV) Evolv Express, a sensor platform that uses AI to detect guns and other weapons.

Evolv's systems are AI-based and, unlike traditional metal detectors, can identify dangerous objects as groups of people are walking through.

There’s a sensor platform people walk through and the magnetic field around the platform.

They’ve written the signatures for all the weapons out there, every gun that exists, including large tactical knives and bombs. So as people walk through, the platform knows what to look for and goes off

Not only Schools, but hospitals, theme parks, house of worships, stadiums, everywhere this technology can be used.


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