Dangerous after effects of hitting YouTube 'Dislike' button

YouTubers always bag of their viewers to like their videos for better engagement and views.

They always work hard to convince their viewers to not click the dislike button.

It is believed that the video that we dislike has major effects on the recommended videos by YouTube.

But the recent studies by Mozilla has shown something otherwise.

The study used inputs from 22,722 users who had installed Mozilla’s RegretsReporter browser extension

Researchers analyzed the date about half a billion YouTube recommendations that were made after users clicked on one of YouTube’s negative feedback tools

These negative feedback tools included the the Dislike and Don’t Recommend Channel buttons

Results were shocking for both of these negative feedback tools.

Pressing Don’t Recommend Channel would stop only 43 percent of unwanted video recommendations

Where as, on the other hand, surprisingly, the Dislike Button only stopped 12 percent of recommendations users did not like

This is very surprising and frustrating for YouTube users as well as for creators.


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